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Speeding (mph over posted limit)
Imprudent Speed or 1 to 10 mph over 3
11 to 20 4
21 to 30 6
31 to 40 8
More than 40 over 11
Reckless Driving 5
Failure to stop for a School Bus 5
Following too closely (tailgating) 4
Inadequate Brakes 4
(while driving employer's vehicle) 2
Failing to Yield Right-Of-Way 3
Violation Involving Traffic Signal, Stop Sign, or Yield Sign 3
Railroad Crossing Violation 3
Improper Passing or Lane Use 3
Leaving scene of an incident involving property damage or injury to an animal 3
Safety restraint violation involving person under 16 3
Any other moving violation 2

People are always calling me asking how the DMV figures your total point amount.  This is very tricky, follow closely.

There is no real discretion, you points are calculated by a fancy DMV computer.

  1. First of all, you must be convicted of the ticket for the points to be added to your total, while the ticket is pending, there are no points on your record.  Because, in America, it is "innocent until proven guilty."  In addition, your total point count is calculated based on the date of the violation, not the date of the conviction.  However, the violation stays on the record for 4 years.  
  2. Points for tickets that all happened within the last 18 months of one another are combined together to calculate your point total.
  3. The insurance company will see the conviction, and the points, on your driver record for as long as the conviction remains on your record (for for 4 years from date of conviction.) The conviction and points is not removed after 18 months from the violation date, even if technically, the points fall off after 18 months. The only thing that is affected by the passage of time is that the points come off after 18 months.
  4. 3 speeding ticket convictions for speeding tickets received within an 18 month period lead to the revocation of the license
  5. 11 points accumulated within 18 months leads to a suspension hearing.

A Point Total Example

Let's say that you are convicted of a 4-point violation and the for a ticket you received on January 1, 2008. You are later convicted of a 3-point violation that occurred on July 1, 2009 and you would have 7 Points.

 Let's say that you are convicted of a 8-point violation and the for a ticket you received on January 1, 2008. You are later convicted of a 3-point violation for a ticket you received on July 5, 2010, then you would only have 3 points as of July 5, 2010, not 11.