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Westchester Criminal and Traffic Court Success Stories (remember past success does not guarantee future results) 
"Thank you! [for getting my 3 point failure to yield and your 4 Point Following too closely ticket (for a total of 7 points) in the Dobbs Ferry Village Court dismissed."  S.G., Bronx, New York
 "I was pulled over in Mt. Pleasant Town Court, New York and the cops searched my car without my permission.  They found weed in the car and they arrested me for that and for driving on a suspended license.  At first the prosecutor would not budge, but thanks Mr. Wolfberg, I walked out with a minimum fine and no criminal conviction!"  Pedro P., Bronx New York 
 "Don't know how you did it but don't care! You got my High 6 Point Speeding ticket in Yonkers City Court - Traffic Part dismissed!" 
Omar R., Bronxville, New York 
"Dear Traffic Attorney! thanks so much for getting my Off Truck Route ticket in New Castle Town Court dismissed!" Alberto T. ,Monsey, New York
"Dear Mr. Wolfberg, thanks so much for getting my 11 Point Speeding ticket in Yonkers City Court - Traffic Part reduced to a No Point Administrative Code ticket!"  Kemar W.,  Mt. Vernon, New York
"I received your email.  Thanks for a great job getting my 4 Point Speeding ticket in Elmsford Village Court reduced to a Parking (no points) ticket!" 
Someshwara R., Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
 "Here is my story, I got an 8 point speeding ticket in Scarsdale Village Court, I went to court and the officer offered me a plea bargain to 4 points.  I took the deal and then found out that it was actually 6 points. I hired Mr. Wolfberg to undo my guilty plea, which he did.  It was set down for trial again, and it went to trial, there was no plea bargain.  After the trial, Mr. Wolfberg made a motion and although it took almost a year and half later, THE MATTER WAS EVENTUALLY DISMISSED." Anthony C., Hartsdale, NY
"Way back on October 30, '08, I first spoke with you about my 3 Point Failure to Yield ticket in White Plains City Court. I am writing to thank you for the wonderful the results. It was reduced to a No Point Administrative Code ticket!" Robert F., New Rochelle, NY
"Hey Attorney Wolfberg, Thanks very much. That’s great (getting my 4 point speeding ticket in White Plains City Court dismissed).
Send the proof to me when you get it. I’ll frame it. Thanks again." Chris W., New York, NY
"Matisyahu, I am a new, relatively inexperienced driver living in southern Westchester county. My friends and I went out to lunch and we were talking as I went through a school zone in Port Chester Village Court. The speed limit dropped 15 miles an hour and I was nailed doing in excess of 15 miles an hour over the speed limit. This event created a really bad situation on the home-front as I only had my license for less than six months which could have resulted in a possible suspension, 6 points on my license, Driver Responsibility Assessments costs, and the wrath of my parents who were really unhappy with the potential increase in their insurance rates. We needed help! After a bit of research it became clear that Matisyahu looked to be the best person for the job. Boy, were we surprised – he was far better than we anticipated. Not only did none of the previously mentioned bad things happen, Matisyahu was able to plead me down to a mere parking ticket with a $150 fine. He also eliminated the $300 of surcharges. Normally, I would just say he is great at what he does, but in this case the only thing I can say is that is he a legal magician."  Jake P. Rye Brook, New York
 "Mr. Wolfberg's services are exactly as advertised.   I received a speeding ticket for 80/55 in Greenburgh Town Court.   He successfully got this reduced to a parking ticket, saving me a ton of money and not to mention the 6 points on my license.   I only wish I had found him earlier for my previous violations.   Recommend him highly.   Thanks Mr. Wolfberg!!!!" Anoop N., Medford, New York 
"This is wonderful news! Thank you for all of your help in this matter getting my 6 point speeding ticket in Rye City Court reduced to a no point parking ticket. It is very reassuring to know there's a lawyer out there who not only delivers on his promise of good results, but who is also able to communicate with his clients efficiently and discreetly via e-mail if requested to do so. I will be sure to recommend you to anyone I know who finds themselves in the unfortunate position of having to deal with a traffic violation.  Thanks again!  Nicholas D., Congers, New York
"I got a 83/55 speeding ticket ( 6 point offense ) on NY Thruway in Greenburgh Town Court. I googled and found notspeeding.com with good reviews. I left Matisyahu a voice message to which he promptly responded. I faxed him my ticket and he agreed to help me and sent me a contract which I signed and faxed back and paid a fee on my credit card. Six months later, he sent me an email describing a plea bargain he worked out for me, in which I get no points and have only to pay a $150 parking ticket. He not only saved me an expensive fine on speeding itself but also $300 in Driver Responsibility Assessment and insurance premium. Thank you so much, Matisyahu!"
S. in Pelham, NY
"Mr. Wolfberg, you don't know how excited I was after I saw your email informing me that my 8 point speeding ticket in Scarsdale Village Court was dismissed. When I inquired about your services, I expected a reduction of points and a fine, but I'm so glad I was wrong. You've been nothing but a great help to me, and getting my ticket dismissed is nothing short of amazing, I couldn't even dream about getting this outcome. I'm so glad I went and hired you as my lawyer, you were amazing, beginning with all the communication back and forth, the quickness of your replies, and how fast you acted with the court. I already started spreading the word about you a long time ago, now I can't wait to tell everyone after knowing what you were able to achieve for me. Thank you so much," 
Oriol B., Scarsdale, New York
"I usually obey all traffic laws. Every so often, I go maybe 5-10 mph over the speed limit when I'm in a rush. However, I never purposefully go past the limit like I did when I got my first (and hopefully last) speeding ticket. I see plenty of other people drive like it's some sort of race or are so negligent that they try to make a three lane switch at the last second in heavy traffic to make the exit. So of course, the one time I do go past the speed limit, I get flagged down by a police cruiser. In hindsight, it was one of the WORST DECISIONS I've ever made! I was driving my family home to NYC from visiting the cemetery (my father had passed away two years ago). I was in a rush to get home because my mother wasn't feeling all that great and was pretty stressed out. The traffic was pretty light that day and I didn't need to switch lanes at all. But all that doesn't matter to the police officer, does it? (he gave me a 6 point speeding ticket in Mt. Vernon City Court) Not wanting to drive back upstate and fight my first (and hopefully last) speeding ticket myself, I decided to hire an attorney. I was skeptical at first, but now in hindsight, it was one of the BEST DECISIONS I've ever made! Mr. Wolfberg got my speeding ticket completely dismissed. I was expecting a reduced fee or something, but 71 in a 45 zone ticket, GONE! It was a SIX point violation! Mr. Wolfberg is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, not just by me, but by the many other satisfied clients! I am just one of MANY testimonials, so that means he knows his stuff. He makes no promises, tells it like it is, and is probably the best traffic attorney ever! You'd be a fool not to at least call his office and see what he has to say." David N., Elmhurst, New York.
"I really appreciate everything you have done for me by getting my high 6 point speeding ticket in Pelham Town Court reduced to a no point seatbelt ticket. Now that you have taken care of everything for me I don't have to worry and can breathe a little easier. You are the best!" Dylan H., Pelham, New York
"Hi! Wow! Thank you so much for getting my high 6 point Speeding ticket in North Castle Town Court down to a no point cell phone ticket. I will pay the fine immediately and recommend you to every one I know. In fact one of my coworkers needs your help now, he is cc’d. Thanks!"  Alex, R. New York NY.
"I was being tailgated on the highway in Harrison Town Court, they guy was on my tail, I sped up to get away from him. Oops! the cherry lights went on and my heart sank. He gave me a ticket for 96/55 and an unsafe lane change, which adds up to 14 points. Mr. Wolfberg had successfully reduced a an 8 point speeding ticket for me once before, so I called him on this new case. Bottom line, he made the 14 points go away. CASE DISMISSED!"  Jamal N., Mount Vernon, NY.
  "When I received a speeding ticket for 93/55 in the Town of Bedford (2 hours from my home) I was worried I would lose my license because the 8 points would have brought me over the 11 point limit. A year and a half later I decided to go online and figure out how to fight the ticket. I stumbled upon Mr. Wolfberg's site and at first I was skeptical about the whole thing. However, I decided to hire Mr. Wolfberg and I am happy that I chose to do so. All of the anxiety and worry that was building up disappeared when I received a phone call from him telling me he made the ticket disappear. It was dismissed!!! No points....No fines...and I was able to keep my license. Make no mistake if you happen to get a high speeding ticket and are worried about the consequences...Hire Matisyahu Wolfberg. You will not regret it!"
Paul Z., Long Island, New York 
 "Mr. Wolfberg, I can't thank you enough for all you did to get my case dismissed. I would be glad to recommend you to anyone I know who would need a great lawyer!  Here is my testimonial:  I received a ticket for not using a turn signal in New Rochelle City Court, NY. The police officer pulled me over on Main St. and first told me I was doing about 50 mph. To me, about meant he didn't have any radar and was just randomly choosing someone to ticket. He asked me if I had a clean record, to which I replied that I did. He went back to his car and came back with a ticket for "not using a turn signal". I said I wasn't turning, I was going straight on Main St. He then responded "I could give you a ticket for not having your seat belt on too." To which I replied, when I stopped, I had to take my seat belt off in order to reach back and get my bag with my license and registration. Given all of this and the fact that New Rochelle is a tough city to fight tickets in, I decided to get a lawyer to handle this case. I was then fortunate enough to find Mr. Wolfberg, who after three appearances in court was able to get my case entirely dismissed, no points, no fine, no anything. He is excellent and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a great lawyer to defend him/her in a traffic court. Thanks to Mr. Wolfberg, my clean record is still clean. Trust me, if he can win in New Rochelle, he can win anywhere."  
Marianne S., Bronx, NY
"I don't know how you did it.  But you did it!  90 in 55 dismissed in Mount Pleasant Town Court!"  Kevin G., Ossining, NY
"Matisyahu Wolfberg is amazing! He should have his own infomercial! He got my 6 point speeding ticket in Bedford Town Court, New York, dismissed! No fine, No points, and I didn’t even have to show up! The 6 points would have really hurt. I can't thank him enough for making this go away. I highly recommend Matisyahu! Make the Call and you will be as happy as I am right Now!!!!!!!! Thank you Matisyahu, you are the best!!!!!!!!!"
Judd V. Lake Luzerne, NY
"Thank you so much Mr. Wolfberg! After receiving a notice of suspension for an unpaid 81/55, 6 Point speeding ticket in Yonkers City Court,  NY I wasn't sure what to do. I consulted friends and family to no avail. I feared that if I tried to fight the ticket myself I would just make matters worse. I found notspeeding.com on the web and I have to admit to being a bit skeptical. All my doubts were lifted after speaking to Mr. Wolfberg. He guided me through the whole process with his great experience, knowledge, and personality. After a few months of hard work by Mr. Wolfberg the ticket was DISMISSED!!! I could not be happier with Mr. Wolfberg's hard work. I will definitely be recommending him to all my family and friends!"
Jeff R., Chappaqua, NY
"I had a great experience with NotSpeeding.com. I had received a very expensive 6 Point Speeding ticket in Elmsford Village Court for going 30 (75/45) miles over the limit in a work zone. NotSpeeding.com was able to plea bargain this down to a much cheaper No Point Faulty Equipment ticket. I didn't have to travel from my home in NJ to the court in NY. NotSpeeding.com took care of all of that. Everything could be done via e-mail, which was extremely convenient. Of course, the most important thing was there will be no impact to my already expensive car insurance."
Denise, G., Morris Plains, NJ
 “Awesome Results – I had two speeding tickets both on Taconic State Parkway in Yorktown and Mt. Pleasant and am thrilled with the results achieved by notspeeding.com.  The Yorktown ticket was a 6 Points Work Zone Speeding, and was reduced to a Parking Ticket! The Yorktown ticket was a 4 Points Speeding and was Dismissed!!!   I have used their service in the past and highly recommend them.”   Diana B., White Plains, NY 

"I received a ticket for 87MPH in 55MPH zone in Rye. I was looking at 8-points in Rye Town Court, a fine, surcharges, and higher insurance costs. Mr. Wolfberg has helped me before so I immediately sent him my ticket. Three months later, he’s achieved another favorable outcome for me. The ticket was dismissed. If you’ve received a ticket in New York or New Jersey, Mr. Wolfberg is only person I would recommend you contact.  Jason W.," New York, NY

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